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09:46 PM Railpage Maintenance #348: Railcam Images are not longer displaying on RP production
Flickr API calls seem to suggest that the photos don't exist.
Log into one of the Flickr accounts and double chec...


12:31 PM Railpage Bug #323: Railcam live image feed
I can't do any dev work until the SSH restriction is lifted.


11:52 AM Railpage Feature #338: Photo comp - show second, third place
Closed as commit #e72b6d0
11:51 AM Railpage Feature #338 (Closed): Photo comp - show second, third place
Amend the photo comp page to show second and third placed submissions after the competition has closed.
11:50 AM Railpage Feature #335 (In Progress): Railcam alerts
Subscriptions and alerts have been coded. UI needs refinement - no ability to select subscription duration, extend it...
10:09 AM Railpage Feature #337 (New): SweetAlert.js
Implement for better visual feedback for actions, eg submitting forum posts etc
10:08 AM Railpage Feature #336 (New): Plyr.js
Use for embedded videos and audio


08:21 AM Railpage Feature #335 (In Progress): Railcam alerts
Users can subscribe to notifications for a railcam for a specified duration (15 minute increments). Every five minute...
10:42 PM Railpage Bug #334 (New): Exclamation character breaks URLs
From https://www.railpage.com.au/f-p2016496.htm#2016496
> Railpage breaks the URL that I have inserted in this pos...


09:17 AM Railpage Feature #331 (New): Rebuild Locations module
The Locations module is a hodge podge of old and bad code, dating back to 2007 when RP3 was first underway. It's slow...

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