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Railpage02/12/2015Michael GreenhillDevelopmentBug #236: Unable to control or evoke map system for searches0.50
Railpage11/12/2014Michael GreenhillDevelopmentFeature #195: Rebuild the Forums ACL using OO code4.00
Railpage09/24/2014Michael GreenhillDevelopmentFeature #178: Modules management module1.00
Railpage09/20/2014Michael GreenhillDevelopmentFeature #175: Event reminders3.00
Railpage09/02/2014Michael GreenhillDevelopmentBug #150: Link from locomotive page to the locomotive sightings page is broken on DEV0.45
Railpage08/27/2014Michael GreenhillDevelopmentFeature #143: New registration form3.00
Railpage08/22/2014Michael GreenhillDevelopmentFeature #141: Template cachingCaching is enabled on https://dev.railpage.com.au/locos and https://dev.railpage.com.au/locos/latest1.00
Railpage08/12/2014Michael GreenhillDevelopmentBug #109: BBCODE links from Flickr are no longer working1.00
Railpage08/12/2014Michael GreenhillDevelopmentBug #114: Approve button appearing in http://www.railpage.com.au/downloads when already approved0.10
Railpage08/12/2014Michael GreenhillDevelopmentFeature #99: Linking to the top of a thread from down in the thread0.50
Railpage08/12/2014Michael GreenhillDevelopmentBug #113: We could not find the forum posts you requested for topic ID 113777381.00
Railpage08/12/2014Michael GreenhillDevelopmentFeature #134: Adding social buttons to the job ad page for each job0.50
Railpage01/28/2014Michael GreenhillDevelopmentFeature #92: Addition of Social Buttons for Railpage EventsDone1.00
Railpage12/31/2013Michael GreenhillDevelopmentBug #75: Twitter tweet issue with embedded markup?Fixed - hopefully1.00
Railpage12/28/2013Michael GreenhillDevelopmentBug #80: michaelgm has 32 posts but cannot find posts from user profile screenBug fixed1.00
Railpage12/16/2013Michael GreenhillDevelopmentBug #46: Cover photo - Reported postsDone0.10
Railpage12/16/2013Michael GreenhillDevelopmentBug #38: Deprecated: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback insteadFixed1.00
Railpage12/16/2013Michael GreenhillDevelopmentBug #73: When approving news on dev system error but news is still approved and not removed from the pending queueFixed0.10
Railpage12/16/2013Michael GreenhillDevelopmentBug #72: Editing news item and then submit does not workFixed0.10
Railpage12/15/2013Michael GreenhillDevelopmentFeature #70: (Photo) Bookmarket Improvements1.00
Railpage12/14/2013Michael GreenhillDevelopmentBug #28: News item discussion broken on DEVFixed0.30
Railpage12/13/2013Michael GreenhillDevelopmentBug #69: http://dev.railpage.com.au/events is broken. An error only is displayedFixed0.10
Railpage12/11/2013Michael GreenhillDesignBug #20: Front page not displaying correctly on devFixed0.30
Railpage12/10/2013Michael GreenhillDevelopmentBug #64: Error when replying to a private message on DEVFixed0.20
Railpage12/09/2013Michael GreenhillDesignBug #40: Accessing http://dev.railpage.com.au/flickr/tag/railpage:railcam=3/1 is achievable without the need to loginDone0.50

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