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Bug #12: is not available
Bug #36: Unable to display images in forum when clicking on image search for the thread
Bug #58: Unable to add date to locomotive in database
Feature #88: Ability to "LIKE" a post in the forums, a photo or a news item, sighting anything really
Bug #87: Error when selecting forum posts from a user who dos not appear to have any
Feature #89: Ability to TRUST a user or contributor
Feature #90: Ability to list sightings via location not just loco
Bug #91: Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate entry 'vline' for key 'tag'
Bug #93: PhpBB_thread: Thread ID 1889192 does not exist
Bug #97: DateInterval::__construct(): Unknown or bad format (PT) when attempting to approve events in production
Feature #105: IPv6 DNS records
Bug #108: News items are not displaying TAGS
Bug #115: Date and time stamp is incorrect in downloads section
Feature #136: Handling of Railcam images using same method as Gallery when posting into the forum.
Maintenance #137: Upgrade Gitorious
Bug #140: Error downloading a file
Bug #146: Apache crashing on
Feature #157: User registration we should prompt to ask for a mobile number and advise this could be used to update customers on service outages
Feature #158: Welcome Email
Feature #162: Ability to Discuss a job on the job queue
Bug #180: Sending PM's on DEV des not complete page load
Bug #181: When clicking the Google+ icon on an event, event details do not appear
Bug #183: Screen overwrite issue? when liking a post on the forum.
Bug #184: Railpage doesn't allow people to post on their Timeline. You can try sending this as a message instead.
Bug #229: Railpcam image page load times too long
Feature #232: Change the multi-line screen filling weather to a single line and smaller?
Bug #236: Unable to control or evoke map system for searches
Bug #240: When approving news with EDIT and PUBLISH edits are not taken up on publishing
Feature #243: On the Railcam system add the left hand menu to the gallery display
Bug #244: The vote button in the photo comp module is available to users who are not logged in
Feature #245: Add social buttons to each Competition Page
Bug #255: Replying to PM's is broken at times
Bug #259: Photo Comp email response with click through
Bug #261: Error occurs when viewing a forum topic
Bug #262: Error when adding a new idea
Bug #264: RSS News feed for users on the DEV platform
Feature #266: Enable suggested image tags for Railcam Images
Bug #272: Reported to me - facebook new user registration broken
Bug #275: Adding a new idea screen refresh issue
Bug #279: Setup inbound emails for Redmine
Feature #280: Railcam documentation
Bug #281: DNS
Feature #282: DAMS setup and documentation
Bug #283: Home Page Issue on MAC OS/X using Safari
Bug #284: Past date on job ads
Feature #288: CloudFlare
Feature #289: Reverse DNS records
Feature #290: SPF DNS record
Bug #296: Queuing of news item are published but later disappear from the site
Feature #297: Adding a "Follow This story in discussion" or similar to each news item
Bug #299: When adding a sighting there is now an inability to select a state other than Vic
Bug #300: Live Sightings SQL error
Bug #304: Photo Comp Module is returning an error
Bug #305: General error returned when clicking through a pop-up notification
Bug #307: Add a loco asset bookmark
Feature #308: Composing a news item button which allows adding of image from gallery
Bug #315: Issue loading a page for locomotives database
Bug #332: Issue when attempting to access a download file specific URL
Bug #333: Site not loading when using Chrome on PC
Feature #339: Mobile Edit/Reply/Report linsk
Bug #340: Facebook registration failure - error messages
Bug #341: Issue when inserting quoted text in the development version
Bug #342: Error received when attempting to reply to feedback from a user via email.
Bug #343: Issue when attempting to link Flickr account at Railpage
Bug #344: Locomotive Database changes not updating in Prod
Bug #345: Issue with uploading photos into the old gallery shared directory
Bug #346: When attempting to click through to a loco from the railcams module
Bug #347: Issue with viewing train numbers in Radar Module
Maintenance #348: Railcam Images are not longer displaying on RP production
Bug #349: PhotoComp Page is down
Bug #350: Adding a nested category in Downloads has caused the module to crash
Bug #109: BBCODE links from Flickr are no longer working
Performance #121: PM Notification takes a very long time to update
Feature #128: Return to search results
Feature #154: Jobs module top 10 jobs expiring needs to scroll in a box on under the railcam box and above the events
Bug #193: Links in the handheld interface
Bug #211: User mentions don't obey forums ACL
Feature #239: Notification class
Feature #42: Railcam photo discussion
Feature #50: Ability if in the right group to "promote" a news story
Feature #55: Ability to add an image from a device when posting in the forums
Maintenance #62: Old "blocks" code
Feature #70: (Photo) Bookmarket Improvements
Bug #78: Sightings added to the module from the stawell cam sightings is broken
Bug #79: table tags in html not displaying correctly for news items
Feature #83: Polls module needs a polish
Feature #84: Locations feedback and corrections
Feature #100: Addition of new Social Buttons per forum post as a direct reference
Feature #118: Editing of a file in the Downloads module
Feature #131: Jobs module
Feature #141: Template caching
Feature #160: Username Suggestion on registration of new users
Feature #163: Upcoming events for an organisation
Feature #164: Custom social sharing buttons
Feature #177: Chronicle module
Feature #178: Modules management module
Feature #189: Prompt to populate incomplete profile
Feature #203: Notifications menu
Feature #190: Move staff alerts to a menu flyout
Feature #195: Rebuild the Forums ACL using OO code
Feature #198: Usergroups module
Feature #199: View download
Feature #202: Add Downloads to the search index
Feature #208: Loco sightings pagination
Feature #210: Moderator content approval queues
Feature #212: New Surveys module
Feature #215: Improved print layout
Feature #216: Event approval chain
Feature #219: New RSS module
Feature #220: Personalised RSS feed
Feature #224: Add Events to search index
Feature #225: "Member of" list for user
Bug #291: Display of index pages broken or misaligned since yesterday
Bug #301: Quick reply - You must enter a message when posting
Bug #302: News articles: BBCode IMG tags not converting to HTML
Bug #306: basket.js does not gracefully fail
Bug #310: Emojis not being converted from ASCII smilies in quoted posts
Bug #311: Service Worker offline on POST redirects
Bug #313: Outage page requires CTRL+F5 to clear
Feature #317: Railcam storage
Feature #320: Better embedding of Railpage content
Bug #323: Railcam live image feed
Bug #325: Issue which clicking on a notification pop-up
Bug #326: Tagging of Gallary Images appears to be broken
Feature #331: Rebuild Locations module
Bug #334: Exclamation character breaks URLs
Feature #335: Railcam alerts
Feature #336: Plyr.js
Feature #337: SweetAlert.js
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